Film for automatic packaging
Reel film We carry out the production of rolls of film for automatic packaging of premium for any width, thickness and can be printed, transparent or colored, optimized processes. Machines horizontal and vertical. Our products are specially made ​​for adaptation to the mechanized packaging processes both horizontally and vertically.

Vertical & Horizontal Machines

Automatic package Square package Envase Automático


Tapas and flexible thermoformed Funds

The film application as “top” and “bottom” requires specific details for the product and packaging machine and that is where our expertise in this field makes us pioneers in manufacturing. Tapas and flexible thermoformed Funds Tapas and flexible thermoformed Funds

Manual Packaging or Semiautomatic
The products are manufactured for manual packaging “tailored” for each customer, depending on requirements and features specified. We use all kinds of materials and systems, being able to perform both standard packaging as those who require greater technology and development.
The vacuum bags are being used to store all kinds of products such as olives, snacks, detergents, milk powder, coffee, etc … We offer a wide variety of bag types and adapt to the needs of our customers.
Notably the new format Stand-Up Bags, which are being used in various sectors and are being a revolution where biggest advantage is its ability to stay upright on shelves, as well as the possibility of being hung.
Four solder Three solder Package Doy-Pack
Four Solder Three Solder Stand-Up
Pliegue Lateral Formation process of the bag format for Boxes Salted Cod
Pliegue Lateral

New Format

Format for Boxes

New Format

Salted Cod