PreprintPrintLaminationRewindingBag making
prepress With the latest digital control technologies, our prepress department offers a commitment to quality and safety in different jobs.
Advise our customers the best way to adapt the design of the flexible material, providing evidence of the contract to ensure the reliability of the final product.
print We are specialists in Flexographic printing system we have in our production facilities with brand printing machines W & Horser up to 10 colors.
For our long experience in flexography we can print on any flexible media, including: Sleever or sash, shrink tubing, paper, etc..
laminación We have production plants in both mills for rolling any type of film. We conducted a study of its product to the choice of adhesive that is most suitable for your container.
Specific Laminations: Pasteurization, Sterilization, Baking, Chemical Agent, Wipes and aggressive liquids, etc …
rewinding Rewinders have last generation provide quality packaging for ideal voltage, able to rewind all types of flexible packaging.
We have different sizes of mandrels (70mm, 76mm, 150mm).