Food Sector
Food Sector We specialize in the manufacture of complex flexible material and empty bags in the food industry we adapt the product to be packaged either automatic or manual.
We carry high-barrier films to oxygen, moisture, light and chemical resistance, for packaging solid products such as rice, coffee, pasta … and liquids such as sauces, oils and fruit juices. For products to be subjected to a thermal process pasteurizable offer, sterilizable and microwave films.
All our films are approved for food contact and meet the specific needs of different sectors of food.
Industrial Sector, Chemical and Pharmaceutical
Industrial Sector, Chemical and Pharmaceutical In the industrial, chemical and pharmaceutical sector needs special packaging sometimes have to have great barrier being specialists in this sector are required.
The versatility of our products with bags give Stand-Up packaging chemicals such as dishwasher tablets, detergents, etc …
Just as in the pharmaceutical industry that the highest quality standards in specific sectors such as cosmetics complex that meet the highest odds of chemical resistance and sealing for packing impregnated wipes, creams are required …
Agricultural Sector
Agricultural Sector We have a wide range of materials for the manufacture of packaging for fertilizer and plant protection products characterized by strong seasonal demand as well as the certification of packaging for dangerous goods (ADR).
Designed for welding in the most critical conditions, in wet and dusty environments such materials.